Indoor Raised Access Flooring


HMK Ltd is an approved designer, supplier and installer Uniflair Access Floor by Schneider Electric Ltd.  Access flooring has become essential for flexible modern office environments which greatly rely on technology, allowing for the placement of all the installations which represent the vital functions of the building (electrical power, electronics, hydraulics, telecommunications. and air conditioning) in the plenum underneath. This allows designers and architects more freedom while ensuring an outward appearance of absolute elegance. Access flooring also accommodates evolving business requirements as spaces can be reconfigured with minimum disruption, and the flooring system provides easy access for maintenance, upgrades or repairs.

Besides, access floor allows architectural structures of high historical and artistic value to carry out internal restorations and modernisation using prestigious materials, with respect for the original construction. 

Uniflair Access Technical Details

Support core

There are two options for the panel core material: high-density wooden chipboard or calcium sulfate.

  • High-density wooden chipboard (720 kg/m3) allows the best combination of mechanical properties and contained weights for an economical purchase with ease of working.
  • The inert calcium sulfate based material (density 1,500 kg/m3) possesses excellent mechanical properties and fire resistance, significantly reduced sensitivity to humidity and notable acoustic absorption for improved treading comfort. The back of the core panel is covered to improve mechanical characteristics further and increase thermal-hygrometric stability. The materials used are high-density laminated plastic (0.9 mm thick), aluminum (0.05 mm thick) or galvanized steel (0.5 mm thick), depending on the protection grade and resistance required.


Uniflair allows customisation of the finishing of the panels according to the most diverse requirements, satisfying the choices of the client from an extensive range of finishes available today, so rendering every access floor unique.

The vast choice includes hard plastic laminates, vinyl, linoleum and rubber, carpets and parquets, natural stone, reconstituted stone, glazed grès, resin, steel, and glass.



The edge of the Uniflair panel is produced in a rigid plastic material, self-extinguishing and PVC free. The standard thickness is of 0.45 mm, and it is applied to the full height on all four sides of the panel, protecting the panel both from the external environment and any possible damage occurring during the laying phase and maintenance of the access floor. Besides, it has the functions of being non-creaking and soundproofing, avoiding direct contact between components of the panels themselves. The reduced thickness and the possibility of personalising the colour, offer a practical response to the aesthetic requirements of the designers and the ever-increasing demands for continuous flooring.


UNI Edge

In the case of finishing in grès, the panel can also be produced with a different process of edging which is unique and patented: the UNI edge. Produced in soft polyurethane elastomer with high chemical stability and resistance to scratching, guaranteeing more effective protection to bumps, a better air-tightness and providing a humidity barrier. Also, the use of coverings of nominal format 30×30 cm and 30×60 cm with internal gaps between the ceramics equal to those of the panel perimeter, create an effect of camouflaging the 60×60 cm module in the finished floor. Also, the UNI edge may be customised in colour, with the intention of sustaining the most pursued attention to detail of every single architectural element.

Panel Sizes

Uniflair frees the traditional access floor from its 60×60 cm module. The extensive range of panels, with sizes ranging from 30 to 120 cm and the possibility of using the different modules with a liberal approach, combined with the use of the support structure provided with adaptable reinforcement stringers according to the required dimensions.

The designer is supported in his design research by a range of panels which can be adapted perfectly, allowing for the creation of a solution best suited to the project’s requirements.


Structures (text taken from Schneider’s brochure, at times summarised. It’s important that images are placed next to the mentioned structure as per brochure).

UNI8 Evolution pedestal

Entirely made from galvanized steel, compact and easy to handle, the four shaped branches make it possible to fasten the stringers in a multiple of configurations even without screws. The branches are characterised by an extensive range of available heights, from a height of only 5.5 cm up to a metre and above.

Special versions are also available, with under head height regulation for easy installation or with increased tubing for more superior weight loads.

An exclusive patent of Uniflair, the head of the UNI8 Evolution support has a thickness equal to 3 mm.


UNI8 Evolution support with under head height regulation

The UNI8 Evolution support is also supplied with height regulation underneath the head rather than at the base, for heights starting from 190 mm up to 1,000mm and above.


UNI8 Evolution Support PSA Medium Grade

This support, only supplied in the version with under head regulation, is available in a range of heights from a minimum of 60 mm to a maximum of 450 mm. Similarly, as with the version with under head height regulation, there are some substantial differences present to allow notable superior load performance. Regarding both the base of square format measuring 100×100 mm and with a reinforced thickness equal to 2.5 mm, and the caulked tube and relative M20 threaded crossbar, of greater diameter with respect to the standard version.

Support Structure UNI4

Available on request is a simplified structure, both light and resistant at the same time, with slightly less versatility with respect to the UNI8 Evolution.

Contact us today, and we will recommend the best access flooring product according to the type of project and ensure installation in accordance with EU standards.

About Uniflair Access Floor

After gaining the lead in the Italian Access Floor market, Uniflair reinforced its position worldwide entering Schneider Electric group, the world leader in energy management, with a global presence in over 100 countries.

The synergy with Schneider Electric solutions for building control, energy efficiency and security enriches Uniflair tradition with the value of integrated solutions. (Link to Uniflair website and brochure)