Outdoor Raised Access Flooring


The flexibility, practicality and installation simplicity of indoor modular access floors can be transferred to outdoor environments Terraces, gardens and parks, swimming pool decks and patios are only a handful of the possibilities in which these solutions can make a difference and become the preferred choice for architects and designers.

Raised access flooring can also be used to provide solutions for architectural aesthetic issues such as unsightly drainage slopes.

Some advantages of raised access flooring for exterior usage include:

  • Exterior panels by Uniflair have an average thickness of 25mm and thus are resistant to pedestrian traffic.
  • Exterior raised flooring can promote energy savings as it can provide thermal insulation and prevents the accumulation of condensation. It can also serve as a sound insulator.
  • The system is “dry” assembled, leaving the gaps between each panel open in order to allow rainwater to flow into the cavity which is created underneath the panels; in this way water does not accumulate on the floor surface, which remains smooth and safe over time.
  • The system can absorb any horizontal swelling due to heat expansion and at the same time provides better heat insulation for areas underneath the floor.
  • The underfloor space can also be used to house cables, pipes, etc.
  • External raised access flooring is easy to clean and come in a wide variety of options.


About Uniflair Access Floor

After gaining the lead in the Italian Access Floor market, Uniflair reinforced its position worldwide entering Schneider Electric group, the world leader in energy management, with a global presence in over 100 countries.

The synergy with Schneider Electric solutions for building control, energy efficiency and security enriches Uniflair tradition with the value of integrated solutions.  (Link to Uniflair website and brochure)