Containers and Prefabricated structures


Modular construction is gaining more popularity primarily for industrial and commercial purposes, such as offices and housing. This is due to many benefits:

  • Modular construction offers a quicker solution than traditional building methods. The modules are built in controlled environments so factors which might hinder conventional methods such as weather, do not affect building schedules.
  • It is cost effective due to shorter time frames, cheaper labour and materials and less waste.
  • Modular structures are sturdily built and durable. This is especially important since the built structures have to be transported from one location to the other.
  • The modular construction industry places great importance on quality control, leading to better-built structures and superior quality.
  • Modular solutions are flexible and can be adapted to particular industrial requirement. The structures can also be dismantled, moved and reassembled.
  • The structures are a greener alternative to traditional building methods, considerably reducing noise and dust pollution.
  • Since modular construction is completed offsite, there will be no or minimal disruption on site, ensuring that the client can proceed with business as usual.

HMK International has also developed its own product which is Medisite in collaboration with St. James Hospital a leader locally and offshore in the health sector where mainly we cater for Occupational Health and Safety and specialize in providing comprehensive first aid services. We assist our clients through the provision of customized first aid posts having the latest equipment that ensure compliance with the Countries Health Safety Regulations. The benefits are to have a versatile First aid unit with the flexibility to move it from one place or another on a construction site, factory public areas, etc..

HMK Ltd. can assist you at all stages of your modular construction project:

  • Design
  • Construction
  • Delivery and Set up.