Construction and Project Management


Outstanding projects tend to be of a complex nature. Therefore, there is no substitute for a good project manager, who is experienced and knowledgeable in the industry.

As a provider of construction and project management services, HMK International can help with an array of services at every stage of the project from the design (in-house CAD Resources), to the building, restoration and maintenance of your project, aligning quality with timings as well as costs and project objectives. Our representative can act as a single point of contact with all suppliers and contractors. Other services which can be provided include procurement, quality control, cost estimates and time scheduling. Services can be custom tailored according to the specific project’s and customer’s needs.

We are known for our consistent quality, prompt response times as well as for having a clear line of communication with our clients. We aim to support our clients throughout the development process, without draining their bottom-line. Give us a call today on 21433636.